Grrl Cloud to release limited edition 'Winding Streets / Voicemail' cassette

Grrl Cloud to release limited edition 'Winding Streets / Voicemail' cassette

Grrl Cloud is coming out with a fresh cassette.

For her special Cassette Store Day Philippines release, Grrl Cloud (a.k.a Tamia Reodica) will be delivering her limited edition cassingle featuring the hypnotic tracks 'Winding Streets' and 'Voicemail.'

"Winding Streets / Voicemail is a cassingle put out through Genjitsu Stargazing Society for my latest song Winding Streets! It's a song on missing places fondly, and also the most adventurous song I've made to date with the help of some friends. It comes with Voicemail on Side B, a song I released a year ago," Grrl Cloud tells Bandwagon exclusively.


Cassette selections by United Cassettes, Mutilated Noise, Treskul, Plaka Express, Struggle Records, Ariel Magat, Genjitsu Stargazing Society, Noise Box PH, CD’s Atbp., Erick Records, and Think Positive Records will be up for sale. 

Cassette Store Day Philippines returns for second edition this October

The event will also feature performances by The Buildings, Pamcy, Memoryville, TIM ÄWÄ (from Lucena), .wendil, Kino1998, Marty McFly, Grrl Cloud, Anesthesia (from Naga), bedtime television (from Cebu), Pastilan Dong!, ~sohee, ビクター MKII (from Naga), brittleglasscasket, and Washington Drama Club.

Cassette Store Day is slated to take place at Limbo in Poblacion, Makati City on October 19 (Saturday). The analog affair kicks off at 3 PM. Entrance is free. RSVP here.

Check out the Cassette Store Day 2019 poster below for details.