Hostess Club Weekender Special: Interview with Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead is a mystery in itself. You read things about frontwoman Kazu Makino's forthright manner in interviews, you've seen videos of them performing live and even from YouTube you can sense the intense energy of each band members, and you've heard the diverse sound of the bands that seems to change from album to album. 

It is late in the evening, before the phone interview, and we still don't know what to expect from our 10-minute chat with Simone Pace, drummer of the ever-changing Blonde Redhead. Fast-forward post-interview and we're left with some nice takeaways from a man happy to talk about about his passion of motorbikes, but still not revealing much when it comes to discussing his music. As secretive as they are, we still got some upfront info about what they've been up to. We don't have to wait long, as they'll be here real soon, performing alongside Perfume Genius, Sohn, TOY, and Cat Power for the second instalment of Hostess Club Weekender

We just finished the new record, which will be coming out September. But there'll be a couple of songs that'll be out in a few weeks, so look out for that! So you'll get to hear some of them when we play in Singapore. 

We've been secretive about the new album, I know. It's a self-produced record, all coming from our own pockets. We didn't contact anyone about funding it, so we just started working on it ourselves. It took about a year to finish it. But the putting it together after the writing and everything took some more time, and so on… but now it's done! Right now, we decided to release it with a label and it's all been great. And then after this, we'll be touring and promoting it, it's all set. 

We're gonna try to play at least three new songs. And then mix it up with the older songs, that people are more familiar with. 

There are always things that will always stay with you from the beginning, no matter how much your sound changes. Things that you grow up with, things that you're attracted to, but when we go in to making a new record, there's a lot of research we do. It's always changing, it's never the same. 

I don't go on Facebook because it's something I don't like doing. I do like being in contact with the fans, but we spend so much time on computers everyday already so I feel like I don't want to communicate that way as well. I let Kazu run the Facebook page, she's really good at that! I trust that she's doing a good job for the band. She communicates with the fans by sharing things we all like (movies, art, etc.), I would be pretty terrible! 

Where are we playing again? Singapore, Southeast Asia? I don't think I have time to explore places by motorbike! That'll be amazing, I would have loved that. I really don't think I can do it this time because we have so many shows - I haven't even looked at my schedule because I'm scared! We fly every day, or something like that. Usually I take my bike with me when we tour - if it's possible - and every time I go to a city, I'll take it out to do some exploring which is great. I'll take it out of town, or to the outskirts, which is more interesting definitely because when you're on tour, they only take you to crowded touristy sort of places. 

The thing about motorcycling that I like is that it's a very quiet past-time, no one is there talking to you constantly… it gives you time to think and absorb yourself in the surroundings. It's fairly dangerous as well so you have to concentrate but I'd rather travel by motorbike because I love the outdoors too. Besides that, I'm really into motorbikes as well, the mechanics of it, how it works, the way it runs and all that. To me it's very magical, the world of motorbikes. 

I choose MBV. I saw them live just recently, and it was amazing. They are so, so great and really inspiring to me. It's just that. Have they been to Singapore? No? Man, you should see them one day, such a great show, and band! 

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