HYBE acquires AI-based audio company Supertone

HYBE acquires AI-based audio company Supertone


Since its rebranding in March 2021, HYBE has grown its business with its goal to innovate the music industry. They continue to expand, this time through their recent acquisition of AI-based audio company Supertone.

On 31 January, the global entertainment lifestyle platform invested KRW 45 billion (approx. USD 36 million) in Supertone, securing 56.1% of their shares. 

Defining themselves as "intelligent audio for creators, brand designers, Youtubers, voice actors, artists, and more," Supertone is an AI audio tech startup that "produces an infinite combination of voices by mixing different elements of the human voice. The voices created can be applied to singing and acting in real time. Supertone is fully equipped with foundational technology and assets such as intellectual property rights, research and development facility, and recording studio."

The same company is the driver behind the use of AI to recreate the vocals of deceased South Korean superstar Kim Kwang-Seok for SBS' program Competition of the Century: AI vs Human


HYBE acquiring Supertone is part of its plan to continue innovating music through technology. In a press release, it was revealed that Supertone's AI-based technology "will be offering HYBE’s artists and content creators an ability to synthesize voices and sounds that had not been previously possible, adding another layer of ingenuity."

"Supertone has achieved rapid technological innovations and changes in business direction in just two years since HYBE’s initial investment," said HYBE CEO Jiwon Park. "I have high hopes for the content that makes use of Supertone’s AI-based singing and speech synthesis."