Go behind the songs with BTS LYRICS INSIDE

Go behind the songs with BTS LYRICS INSIDE

HYBE EDU, which is now known as Cake, has a new project underway. 

The education branch of the entertainment powerhouse, HYBE is launching a new project titled BTS LYRICS INSIDE. While there are no details about what the new project entails, it is set to launch tomorrow, 29 June at 11 AM KST

BTS LYRICS INSIDE gives users insight and interpretations of BTS' lyrics. The programme will allow fans to not only sing along to their favourite BTS songs but also gain a better understanding of the group's songwriting process. 


This news comes after HYBE EDU was recently acquired by the global language-learning app Cake Corporation and now operates under the name 'Cake'. HYBE EDU initially launched in 2020 and has released an array of Korean-language learning programmes and books featuring K-pop stars BTS and BLACKPINK

Check out what to expect from 'BTS LYRICS INSIDE' here. 

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