Indie-Disco On the Beach: Full Steam Ahead


Clear the line, Tomorrowland! It does look like dance festivals are moving onto sandier pastures. While glitter, lights and unsanitary portaloos may appeal to most, the sun-kissed party people will now have something to scream about at Full Steam Ahead at the Tanjong Beach Club. Undoubtedly, the sand, sun and sea will be a much cherished sight to take in, but we can’t spell beach parties without ‘beats’. 

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Moving full steam into the indie-disco genre, acts like Belgian artists Aeroplane and Loulou Players, French jazz chameleon Joakim, resident Butter Factory DJ Dave Does, Poptart superstar weelikeme, Drem and Good Times will put the sweet cream in your puffs. What we fancy about Full Steam Ahead is the newly-included party activities on the side; tie-dye workshops, snake charmers, beer pong championships and yoga by the sunset are just bits off the rack. 

Hell! Skip Kho Phangan and its bucket drinks, Singapore has its own game now. Before the festival enters full swing at noon on May 23, we introduce you to the seven heart-pounding acts you can shimmy to while polishing off tacos in your coconut bikinis. 



Having an illustrious record as nu disco/house producer since 2007 has earned Aeroplane headliner slot for Full Steam Ahead. Drawing inspiration from the darker disco parts of the 70’s and 80’s, the Belgian has made this genre home before the likes of Bruno Mars and Daft Punk started on similar-inspired music. 


His latest tracks are testament to the sound that is full of life within itself, ‘Let’s Get Slow’ that features Benjamin Diamond is slippery to the touch with "retro-fied" chops that brings the sleekest of disco and R&B to his usual crisp synths. If you’re less convinced, his remix of Charli XCX's ‘Boom Clap’ is a grand example of his extensive range of sounds. 


Purveyor of the nicer things in life, Belgian producer Jerome Denis aka LouLou Players who originates from the small-town of Namur has his own record label, releases, remixes and an edge for pulsating dance-y music. Seizing our attention with his latest release Kitt Ball, it emits pounding rhythm, tropical vibes and is savoured best with them arms and feet twisting on the dance floor. Fresh from playing beach clubs in Brazil, expect LouLou to know the ins and outs of what’s necessary for a trendy day out on the beach.



Joakim, the alias of French producer Joakim Bouzaziz, shies away from EDM bangers and whichever direction the top 40’s are headed to next, specialising in a unique breed of electro-jazz music that is interestingly different yet fun. Complexity is Joakim’s jam from his time at the Conservatory as a piano student and it shines in his work, ‘Each Other’ off Tropics of Love is a brilliant showcase of his knack of delivering in line with a sensual yet soulful direction while layering in handful of sounds across the board simultaneously. 


For those in need of a crash course into the life and works of Joakim, ‘This is My Life’ is a humorous monologue of his life from birth breathed in speech synthesis, before laying down an atmospheric bit, touched by technological yet nature-calming sounds. 



weelikeme has been synonymous to the eatmepoptart brand for years, serving as answer to the local club’s lean towards the top 40’s. Focused on bringing the freshest indie hits and throwbacks to the Britopop and 80’s alternative rock trend, his set celebrate both new and old as he roots his feet in indie music, all while throwing cherry-sized heart-shaped tunes into the crowd.



Singapore-based Australian Dave Does will be no stranger to Tanjong Beach Club following his monthly appearance at ‘Butter Up Sundays’, pulling his tunes from diverse genres from funk to disco to R&B, expect a mood-bending act as you take a trip through the gifted mind of Dave who will sing all things creative together.



As names would suggest, expect much exhilaration and thrills at Good Times’ set at Full Steam Ahead. Good Times is a collective who holds and schedules quality music at hush-hush venues. After getting nods from Singaporeans at their recent parties, Rah from ‘Darker than Wax’ and Yahdin from ‘Techno / Not Techno’ will represent the crew to put out an expansive set of good jams that include OutKast, Dr. Dre, Nicolas Jaar and Moodymann. Let the good times roll!



Soul and R&B has been an underrepresented genre especially in the clubs, but it has since been up for a revival of times. Part of the Matteblacc collective who brings soul-inspired music, Drem (Andre Reyes) will bring a racucous spirit and influences that ranges from funk, disco to hip-hop. Bring back the good o days with his breakneck set of sweet flo'.