Introducing: Cashew Chemists

Big things are headed for Cashew Chemists, as they prepare for Baybeats 2012 (beginning end of June) and are in the running to perform at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. But before they resume their busy timetables, the Chemists take some time off to chat with us. 


Explain the band name!

Three of us live on Cashew Road, and it is also where our main studio is. It is where we compose, record and jam. Also, the area of Cashew Road holds a lot of our memories - we've lived here almost all our lives.

How did you all get together?

Brian and Zac are brothers. Elliot lives a block away from them and went to kindergarten with Brian and Zac's brother Ulrich. The three of them also attend the same church, and started playing together from a very young age. Elliot met Yuji while they were studying for their diploma and when the band popped the question, Yuji said yes and things happened really quickly from there.

Trivia: They started out as a metal band. 

Describe the music of Cashew Chemists.

Good old rock and roll. No frills, just good, fun, catchy and upbeat tunes. It has a 60s and 70s old school vibe about it that is nostalgic and vintage.

Tell us about the writing process and what you draw inspiration from.

We draw inspiration from the simplest things: love, hate, jealousy, boredom, curiosity, sadness, joy and last but not least The Beatles.

What can we expect for your upcoming gig?

If you really let your hair down and dance with us, a good time definitely.

Any long-term goals?

To keep making music for friends and fans. We're taking it a step at a time, but music will forever be a part of our lives.

Parting words for our followers:

Thank you for all the support so far! It means alot to us. Stay tuned because we have lots more in store for you.


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