For three days last week, the Esplanade waterfront played stage to a stellar lineup, all for the +65 Indie Weekend. Among some familiar names, Pleasantry stood out, with strong vocals, good lyrics and the instrument swapping between band members throughout the set. We like them a lot already. Here is what happens when we exchange pleasantries (and ask them about their fantasy festival).

Introduce yourselves!

Pleasantry are Samantha, Ariff, Adel, Isa and Daniaal.

Trivia: Daniaal and Ariff are in Lunar Node together. Adel, Isa and Ariff are in Amateur Takes Control, and Isa, Ariff and Samantha played together for Postbox.

How did you all get together?

We were already really good friends prior to Pleasantry and i think what spurred us to come together for Pleasantry was our close friendship and the collective desire to try something different from what we were playing then.

Describe the music of Pleasantry.

We’re a fence planted between two fields - one with grass, breeze and sunlight, and the other perhaps with thorny red roses accompanied by still, stagnant and slightly humid air. We sit on the fence and move freely around these two fields, without much control over where we graze. In other words, we write what we feel like writing. It’s a random game and we have little influence on the level of melancholy or euphoria our songs project.

Tell us 3 things about Pleasantry that we don't know.

1) 3 members, Ariff, Samantha and Isa were from the same secondary school, and even in the same class in Secondary 2.

2) 2 of our members in Pleasantry are related - Adel and Daniaal are first cousins.

3) Samantha is a competitive swimmer

Tell us about the writing process and what you draw inspiration from.

We let our combination of what we do best express itself. Our writing process usually begins with Isa, Adel, or Ariff. They will usually contribute with guitar, ukulele or bass parts to start off the song. Drums come in after that and once we figure out the instrumental aspects of the song, Samantha or Isa will finish it off with their vocal parts and lyrics. Most of this is done during band rehearsals. It gets really interesting when we swap instruments because all of us have a certain style of playing. We try to stay true to our sound, so in that sense it can be quite a challenge.  Inspiration wise, it usually comes in a blur and we can hardly trace a pattern of inspiration that pushes us to write what we play. However, lyrically, the songs were inspired by a dose of over-thinking personal and private scenarios. We’re all lovers at heart and that shows in our words.

Any long-term goals?

Well, we hope to build on what we have now. We’ve just released a digital EP and a music video and we had a lot of fun doing it. Hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to have enough funds to release a full length and maybe another music video. Of course ultimately we would like to spread our music abroad and start touring! We like to explore creative ways to express our music so perhaps we will be looking to work with other artists as well.

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