Introducing: The Bandwagon App

So as you may have caught our announcement this morning, we have finally launched our first ever mobile app for the site. It's a project spent years in development, something we've been finely tuning every now and then to make sure it's up to our standards. All along our mission has been, and always will be, to connect people to live music and give local music a bigger stage. We hope to enhance that with our first foray into the world of mobile apps.

While we've spent a great deal of time and effort on this app, there may still be bugs and issues so we would love to hear from you. Write us a review on the App Store, drop us an email, make snarky comments in your private Facebook group, shout at us from right outside our office. We're happy to listen to your feedback because this app is for you. And yes, we hear you loud and clear, Android users. Patience.

The app was developed to be user-friendly and minimal so everyone with an iPhone can use it. We've integrated most of the features of our site but now it's all here in a sleek, mobile-friendly package. Here's what you can expect from the app.



Everyday you'll be able to pick from a comprehensive selection of live music happening all around Singapore. The app will track your location and will sort out the events based on the ones closest to you. 


We pride ourselves with a comprehensive gig database but there are only so many gigs you can go to. We make it easier by showcasing our list of gigs you must attend. From major concerts at Singapore Indoor Stadium to intimate showcases at Lowercase, you won't be out of the loop anymore.


While we're not competing with Facebook (we would lose, man), we decided to add a social feature to the app to bring you and your friends together instantly. Follow your friends to be updated with the gigs they'll be at. Either that or if you're a guy who's stalking your crush, you can just "bump into her" at Ed Sheeran's concert. We don't judge.