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Isnina releases poppy new single 'Chances' featuring Akeem Jahat – listen

Isnina releases poppy new single 'Chances' featuring Akeem Jahat – listen

Earlier this year, Singaporean R&B newcomer Isnina told us to be on the lookout for her new single, 'Chances', which features a verse by Akeem Jahat. Well, the song has dropped and no surprise – it's a bop.

"'Chances' is a story of sarcastic love because a broken heart changes a person in many ways," Isnina told Bandwagon when we listed her in our feature on our 31 most anticipated local releases of the year. "It's all about proving that you are worth the second chance but a reminder that the giver will never be the person you used to love."

Produced by MadeInTha90s and standing at a concise three minutes, 'Chances' is a bouncy, piano-driven tune with sultry interludes and assertive calls to action – "I'll give love a chance / If you show me you're a man / I don't even have to take control / But I'll still give you my all". Akeem's verse – heralded by a triumphant horn solo – is a little brief, but that's just as well, since Isnina was not about to be upstaged on this strong showing.

Listen to 'Chances' by Isnina featuring Akeem Jahat:

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