IU's collaboration with BTS' Suga sends K-pop fans rejoicing

IU's collaboration with BTS' Suga sends K-pop fans rejoicing

A collaboration between the "Nation's Sweetheart" and the rapper of one of the most prominent K-pop groups could possibly be the highlight of the year for K-pop fans. IU's new digital single, 'Eight', features and was also produced by BTS' Suga, will be released on 6 May 2020.

The highly anticipated collaboration between IU and Suga was announced by IU's agency, EDAM Entertainment Official, last month. According to the agency, IU had proposed the collaboration on her own accord, with Suga being especially welcoming towards the idea, having great respect for her as his senior in the music industry.

'Eight' will see a deviation from IU's previous music style, as the two shared opinions as musicians of the same age and melted their own synergy into their music, said EDAM Entertainment Official.

Following the news of their collaboration, K-pop fans worldwide expressed their excitement over social media, despite IU and Suga staying silent about it on their personal Instagram accounts. Some fans called it the "collaboration of the century" between "two musical geniuses". The hashtag #IUxSUGA started making its rounds on Twitter and proceeded to top the worldwide trends chart after IU released her first teaser photo for 'Eight'.


Fans were ecstatic on Twitter:

While 2020 saw a tumultuous year for the music industry, both BTS' and IU's fans were not left disappointed. In February, BTS released their 4th full-length album, Map of the Soul: 7 and shared "Bang Bang Con" via their Youtube channel earlier this month. Following IU's 2019 EP, Love Poem, her comeback next week would definitely bring joy to her fans worldwide.

The second teaser photo of 'Eight' was just released yesterday.