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J-rock band Flumpool will return to Singapore

J-rock band Flumpool will return to Singapore

With their fourth studio album EGG already released to significant fanfare, it only seems fitting that Flumpool makes another appearance on our shores.

The acclaimed J-rock band, which consists of vocalist Ryuta Yamamura, guitarist Kazuki Sakai, bassist Genki Amakawa and drummer Seiji Ogura, will be performing in Singapore on July 23rd.

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Even as they made an appearance at Music Matters in 2013, this will be their first major concert, held at St. James Power Station. Tickets ranging from $68 to $198 are on sale at Peatix. The concert is organized by Amuse Entertainment Singapore.

Watch the music video for Flumpool's latest single, '夜は眠れるかい?':


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