Jam 88.3 and Satchmi Releases Vinyl Record Compilation to Showcase Filipino Bands



We first met Russ Davis about a month ago, before an interview with Jam 88.3 for THE BANDWAGON to Wanderland. Present in the booth was a tall, lanky leather clad guy with a motorcycle helmet in one hand and a vinyl record in the other. It had Russ’ radio show’s name FRESH FILTER all over it and being the inquisitive music junkies (read: nosy busybodies) we were, we had to ask what it was all about. 



Fresh Filter host Russ Davis, who is also the guitarist of indie pop/rock outfit, Slow Hello

With sparkling eyes and a genuinely happy smile, he told us all about Fresh Filter (the show), how the record came to be and their partner, record store Satchmi (which we visited during THE BANDWAGON’s Record Store Hunt). He made us swear to keep it to ourselves though and refused when we asked if we could take photo of the mysterious record.

Now, the secret’s out and we’re more than happy to share with everyone what Fresh Fliter Volume 1 is all about.

Fresh Filter used to be a once a week radio show on Jam 88.3 that focuses solely on local independent music – now heard on radio Mondays through Thursdays from 5 pm to 6 pm. Russ Davis not only hosts the show, he curates EVERYTHING on the playlist – playing music he discovered himself, songs artists drop off at the station, demos sent over email. 

Moonwlk's 'Irish', which will be featured on the album.

New songs are premiered weekly, with special guests and the occasional, sometimes, surprise, live performances. Fans of the show and the local indie scene can also actively take part in supporting their favourite bands and artists by voting on the Fresh Filter Poll to get their songs on the daily rotation of Jam 88.3. 



To Russ Davis, this is more than a compilation, “Fresh Filter Volume 1 presents the most relevant local independent artists today, and is an example of how we can and should put a premium on such artists' work. I believe that people who are serious about music today are more than willing to invest again in physical music formats, especially for original and exciting work.” 

12 of the local indie music scene’s most relevant artists are on the record including Wanderland alum and The Bandwagon Stage artist BP Valenzuela, Moonwlk (which features Nick Lazaro of Birdforms, a band that performed on THE BANDWAGON’s first trip in Manila), Bullet Dumas (a graduate off Elements Music Camp), Flying Ipis (whose first out of the country show we covered in Singapore), A Problem Like Maria, Autotelic, Cheats, Library Kids, Ourselves the Elves, Tandems’91, The Ransom Collective and Yolanda Moon






Davis pictured with BP Valenzuela, who will be performing on The Bandwagon Stage in Singapore.

Their music collectively covers a wide range of genres that will give the listeners of Fresh Filter Volume 1 a taste of the vibrant and constantly growing local independent music scene. 

This artistry is given reverence by the medium of its production, the vinyl record. Although once thought to be obsolete because of the prevalence and ease of digital music, vinyl records have made a comeback in popular culture as a premium music item due to their nostalgic appeal. 

"Vinyl records are our passion and we're extremely proud to share this Fresh Filter album that presents up and coming Filipino artists on the best music platform ever made,” said Ronald Sy, Managing Director of Satchmi.



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