JAWN and Take Two collaborate with the talented kids of Club Rainbow for the inaugural Dreamseeds Arts Fest

JAWN and Take Two collaborate with the talented kids of Club Rainbow for the inaugural Dreamseeds Arts Fest

For those unaware, Club Rainbow (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation that was set-up in 1992 with a mission to support and empower children with chronic illnesses, and their families. With services ranging from counseling and financial assistance to more holistic activities such as Camp Rainbow and the newly-founded Dreamseeds Arts Fest, the goal is to help these kids grow towards an enriching life.

As mentioned, the launch of Dreamseeds Arts Fest looks to be key part of their programme, bringing together creative practitioners, beneficiaries, and the public through art exhibitions, creative workshops, and an official opening concert featuring beneficiaries and local musicians working and performing together.

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As Dr. Sashikumar Ganapathy, President of Club Rainbow (Singapore) elaborates, “Together with our partners and the local arts community, we hope to encourage our beneficiaries to seed their aspirations and grow their dreams.”

Putting those noble ideals into practice, Dreamseeds will see the kids working with professional artists across visual and performing art platforms such as printmaking classes with Fictive Fingers, cajon lessons with BEAT’ABOX GROUP, song-and-dance repertoires with The Kids Performing Academy of the Arts, sessions with local musicians JAWN and Take Two, and mural painting with visual artist Clautural.

Of particular interest are the adventurous joint musical performances on offer, which will see both the kids and their mentors exploring new ideas outside their comfort zones. For example, popular indie-rock band Take Two will be collaborating alongside 17-year-old Samuel Lim Hong Xiang, who will be playing the guzheng.

Fascinated by the fusion of Western and Eastern styles, Samuel is eager to combine his own sonic inspirations with the band's to create their wn unique blend of music.

“My wish is that through Dreamseeds Arts Fest, we will be able to reach out to a wide range of music lovers and bring them together to share their music,” explains Samuel. 

Take Two frontman Paddy Jonathan Ong further adds, “We should have done something like this sooner. It’s inspiring to witness how the love of music truly knows no boundaries.”

The inaugural edition of Dreamseeds Arts Fest opens at the Visual Arts Centre from 3 to 7 November 2016. The official opening concert takes place on 5 November 2016. Please keep up to date with event's programmes and schedules via Facebook and Instagram.