Jorel Corpus releases new heartbreaking single 'Better'

Jorel Corpus releases new heartbreaking single 'Better'

Los Angeles-based Filipino musician and producer Jorel Corpus is back, dropping the followup release to his solo debut single 'All of It' with a new heartbreaking track. 'Better' opens as a ballad with Corpus singing about all the things he could do for a girl who had rejected him and broke his heart.

"For now, I'm just writing as I please without any future plans," Corpus tells Bandwagon exclusively. "I'm trying to put out a song every two months for fun and to reinforce my mental space of writing and producing for myself."

Corpus is currently in the studio for an album of worship-type songs with some friends from his church and is playing around with the idea of writing for commercials, all while continuing his work as an audio engineer for local artists. "I was just recently on tour [doing more live sound and production management] with Victoria La Mala in Texas and California," Corpus adds. 'We're going to Mexico in a month or so to do some of those same shows."

Corpus was a founding member and guitarist of Filipino rock act Kjwan, but decided to leave the fold when he moved to the U.S. in 2009.

Stream 'Better' below: