Karaoke in Singapore: the coolest KTV places worth visiting

Karaoke in Singapore: the coolest KTV places worth visiting

A karaoke spot is a place for friends to discover the lack of singing skills in one another, but the fun comes in finding the best songs to sing together.

Karaoke is a national pasttime, so we thought we'd highlight just some of the best places to suit your offkey singing needs on a day with your closest (and non-judgmental) friends. Some of these places are no-frills — just mics, a decent soundsystem, and a couch to round it up — but others offer their own unique pull.

Here are just some of the highlights.

Teo Heng

A clean cosy room geared with quality sound system, Teo Heng is definitely the top in mind to go for cheap Karaoke sessions.

With three types of rooms available depending on the size of the group, hourly rates per room start at S$8 for timings before 7pm, and $14 after 7pm. They feature enticing 3-hour package deals from Monday to Thursday, and a promotion where your sixth hour is free (marathon, anyone?. 

Feeling like a little picnic sesh? Teo Heng is one of the rare places in Singapore that allow you to bring your own food and drinks (non-alcoholic).

The extensive song catalogue and frequent up-to-date selections will satisfy a huge array of music lovers. From old radio hits to the latest singles in English, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin are available in Teo Heng’s database for your indulgence. If Emonight isn't enough for you, they feature radio rock singles from th

While Mandopop would be the most updated ones at Teo Heng, their other language catalogues are not lacking behind either, so long you can type the name of your song in the original language (you have to type in Korean if you are looking for any Korean songs).

Address: 9 outlets across the country. Check out their website.

Before 7pm Hourly Rates Small $8
Medium $10
Large $12
3 hours package Small $18
Medium $20
Large $22
After 7pm Hourly Rates Small $14
Medium $16
Large $18
3 hours package Small $35
Medium $40
Large $45

However, 3 hours package is not available on Friday, Weekends, Public Holidays and Eve of Public Holidays.
Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 1pm - 1am
Saturday / Holiday Eve 12pm - 2am
Sunday / Holiday 12pm - 1am

Opening hours differ from outlet to outlet. Check the website for opening hours of individual outlets.


Inspired by the Korea’s noraebang (also known as singing room), VoiceBooth is the first Korean karaoke in Singapore.

Opened by a Korean couple, VoiceBooth has the most updated catalogue of Korean songs. In fact, their system updates itself daily. Though their list does not extend to indie music, this is a go-to place for Koreans especially due to their extensive Korean records.

Targeting people who would like to kill a few songs worth of time or people who would want to sing karaoke alone, VoiceBooth is a cosy space of 13 rooms, ranging from a single room that fits two to a room that fits eight.

While being the Karaoke place with a large Korean song bank, their system also includes English, Japanese, Chinese and even Vietnamese songs, but perhaps not as up-to-date in comparison to other karaoke places. Romanization of Korean characters and hanyu pinyin of Chinese characters are also included, and this saves singers from searching on Google.

Using the top karaoke system from Korea, the machine is mainly in Korean. But fret not if you have no idea how to read Korean characters, it is actually quite a simple machine to navigate through.

At just a dollar per song or $10 per hour per room, VoiceBooth not only provides you a space to sing your lungs out, you can even record your singing and send it to your email. However, if you are not into singing, you can also bring your instrument and use the room to play the songs you like, while referring to the score of the song flashed on the screen.

Address: The Cathay #03-14/15/16

Before 6pm Monday to Thursday $1 per song, $10 per hour per room
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday $1 per song, $15 per hour per room
After 6pm $20 per hour per room everyday.

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday, Public Holiday 12pm - 10pm
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday 12pm - 1am

WIFI: Yes.

Cash Studio

Situated near MRT stations, Cash Studio is a convenient place to have singing sessions, especially in town. Well known for their vintage microphones and ample space, this is a place suitable for company bonding sessions or family gatherings.   

Unlike the usual touch screen system, Cash Studio (except for the Princep Street branch) uses mobile phone application CashKTV to conveniently view the selection of songs from your seat. This is especially attractive as you would no longer need to cramp around the monitor to search for the songs you like.

While their song catalogues in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean are often up-to-date, they have a wide selection of songs in Malay, Filipino and Thai as well. In fact, they have Japanese systems at their Ming Arcade and Cuppage Plaza branches that specialize in Japanese music!

At a relatively low cost, karaoke-goers can get to enjoy a luxurious comfortable place with rooms big enough to fit L-shaped sofas. We are sure this comfortable setting ensures you to sing for hours without feeling an ache in your butt!

Address: Outlets at Ming Arcade (Cuscaden Road), Cuppage Plaza, Prinsep Street, Simpang Bedok and Bedok Central (Currently closed for renovation, will resume operations end-2017)

Before 6pm Monday - Thursday $30++
Friday, Saturday $38++
Sunday $38++
After 6pm Monday - Thursday $38++
Friday, Saturday $58++
Sunday $38++

Opening Hours:

Ming Arcade 12pm to 6am
Cuppage Plaza 1pm to 4am
Prinsep Street 2pm to 3am
Simpang Bedok 2pm to 4am

WIFI: Yes, for their app only.

Ten Dollar Club KTV

Ten Dollar Club KTV is deceptively simple and unassuming, but what you'll find is one of the most affordable karaoke places in Singapore.

But what this KTV attracts karaoke-goers the most is the cost. At a rather reasonable price of $11 per hour per person (betraying its own name, but we're fine), you can enjoy up to five hours of singing before 7pm and 3 hours after. What you are paying for is also free flow of hot and soft drinks. Though selections are limited, Ten Dollar Club is mightily cost-effective if you're looking for a night's worth of singing on a budget.

However, while we find it slightly difficult to navigate through the system to find the songs we want, they update their system catalogue every month. In fact, we are surprised to see how updated and extensive their English songs catalogue is!

Discounts for students, free flow drinks, and ample space for groups of friends — this place is one to note down.

Address: Outlets at Chinatown, Balestier and Downtown East. Check out their website here.
Rates: $11 per person for up to 5 hours in the afternoon or 3 hours in the evening, with a minimum spending of $40.
Opening Hours: Daily from 2pm to 2am.
WIFI: Yes.


In the mid-2000s, K Box was a household name in Singapore. While they may not be as ubiquitous as they once were in shopping malls, they're still standing.

Just like some of the KTV spaces on this list, K Box provides free flow drinks and tidbits, along with rentable jackets and a space that's alcohol-friendly. If you've been to a K BOX, you would know they provide a catalogue extensive enough for Top 40 tastes. 

Address: 211 New Bridge Road #04-01, Singapore 059432

Before 6pm 2 hours Monday to Friday $14
Saturday, Sunday $19
3 hours Monday to Friday $18
Saturday, Sunday $24
After 6pm 2 hours Monday to Thursday, Sunday $19
Friday, Saturday $28
3 hours Monday to Thursday, Sunday $24
Friday, Saturday $39

Opening Hours: 11am to 3am
WIFI: Yes.


Under the same company as KKBOX, Manekineko's bright yellow background and cat logo are well known in Japan — with over 500 outlets in the country, the franchise has dipped its toes in Singapore with eight existing branches.

Rooms are incredibly vibrant, accompanied by stuffed toys and free-flow drinks. Honestly, the cartoon cats alone make this a must-visit.

Address: 8 branches around Singapore. 
Rates: Differs based on branches. Find out more here.
Opening Hours: Opens at 11am but closing time differs based on branches. Find out more here.

Tang Music Box

Don't be mistaken by its departmental storefront — Tang Music Box really is a karaoke joint.

The array of drinks and snacks that first greet you is just Tang's way of making them available to you before heading off for a session. 

Unlike other karaoke places that charge on per hour or room basis, you can plan your spending at Tang Music Box based on the rooms you select. Instead of setting a cost per person, each room has a minimum spending required. For example, if you have three people, you can choose a larger room knowing that you might end up spending more.

Priced as low as $5 per pax per room, the spending can also include drinks and snacks from their "minimart" at the main hall. From bottles of beer going at S$13 to S$8 bottled drinks from Japan to S$4 snacks, the average spending per item will be S$5.

Tang Music Box is another place to go that’s suitable for company events, this place includes a Club Room, big enough to accommodate 30 people. 

Address: 3B River Valley Road #02-03/04, The Foundry, Singapore 179021 (Block B Clarke Quay)
Rates: Based on per room spending. Find out more here.
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 2pm to 4am, Friday to Saturday 2pm to 6am, Sunday 1pm to 3am
WIFI: Yes.

Have Fun KTV

With its smallest room looking as though it can fit up to 10, Have Fun KTV only costs $52 per room per hour. At the price of two hours, you will get the third free, making it $10 per person for three hours. 

Similar to Cash Studios, Have Fun KTV also uses a phone application to pick songs. Though the song catalogue is only up-to-date with Mandopop favourites, the sound system, space and cost are definitely worth a visit alone!

Address: 470 North Bridge Road Bugis Cube #06-00, Singapore 188735

Before 6pm Monday to Friday $22 per head (3 hours)
Saturday, Sunday $26 per head (3 hours)
After 6pm Sunday to Thursday $52 - $152 per hour
Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holidays $62 - $182 per hour

Opening Hours: 12pm to 3am daily
WIFI: Yes.

Party World

There's an overwhelming smell of smoke at Party World, but instead of pyrotechnic smoke, it's simply down to the KTV's designated smoking corners. 

Blessed with glitzy, vivid decor — reminiscent of disco clubs from the 70s — a walk through Party World feels like a trip back in time. With 35 rooms in their Liang Court branch, they have almost the same catalogue as other karaoke venues.

Interestingly, they have more new Korean songs than old, while their Japanese catalogue is heavier on the classics.

Address: Branches at Downtown East, Liang Court, Bukit Batok, NEX, Yishun Safra, Woodlands
Rates: Differs depending on branches. Find out more here.

Opening Hours: 

Downtown East 3pm - 1am
Liang Court 2pm - 6am
Bukit Batok 5pm - 3am
NEX 2pm - 2am
Yishun Safra 5pm - 3am
Woodlands 3pm - 2am

WIFI: Yes.

K-Garden Family KTV

A local mainstay, K-Garden is elegant and affordable.

Their pride and joy comes with a specialized BLK sound system imported from Japan, and despite their legacy status, they've kept up a range of cheap rates that will never break the bank.

From Monday to Friday, 2pm to 8pm, it only costs $10 nett per person to sing for a six-hour session. The price also includes one soft drink or a bottle of beer. 

With an extensive catalogue that's updated weekly, you can't go wrong with K-Garden.

Address: 18 Maju Avenue Singapore 556693
Rates: Refer to their Facebook page for more information!

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday 2pm to 1am
Friday, Saturday 2pm to 3am

WIFI: Yes.


Ziggy's is luxurious and classy - nothing one would expect of a karaoke place.

Ziggy's has a total of 10 rooms - 8 of which are standard, accommodating up to 12 people. The remaining 2 rooms are VIP rooms, and can accommodate up to 20 persons, or be combined to accommodate a total of 40 people. Each room is furnished with swanky velvet couches, and equipped with up to four wireless microphones, a mini bar refrigerator, and props for customers to use.

Ziggy's extensive song catalogue includes all the latest songs, from English to Chinese, Korean and Japanese and more; but if you ask us, the luxuriousness of Ziggy's is enticing enough for us to make us want to visit.

Address: 11 Unity Street #01-27 Robertson Walk, 237995

Before 8pm (5pm to 8pm) $60 per hour
After 8pm (8pm to 3am) Sunday to Thursday $80 per hour
Friday and Saturday $100 per hour

*Note: Rates are waived if customers spend a minimum of $800 on weekdays and $1,000 on weekends. Booking of VIP rooms require a minimum spend of $2,000. 

Opening Hours: 5pm to 3am, Daily

WIFI: Yes.