Karencitta's 'Cebuana' takes over Spotify and YouTube

Karencitta's 'Cebuana' takes over Spotify and YouTube

Actress and singer Karencitta took over Spotify and YouTube after the release of her latest single and music video, 'Cebuana'. The single reached number 1 on the Spotify PH Viral Charts on November 27, while the official video uploaded on Facebook got 1 million views on its first day of release. 

On her official website, Karencitta shares that she wrote 'Cebuana' with a 14-year-old Austrian producer called Tc-5 and Grammy Award-winning producer Jon Ingoldsby

She also reveals that she wanted to write a theme for Sinulog, Cebu's most popular and biggest festival, and felt that 'Cebuana' was the best way to do it. Read her full commentary here.

Watch the video here:

Karencitta is also hosting the Cebuana Dance Challenge. Here's how to join.