Kilo Lounge at Tanjong Pagar will close at the end of 2019

Kilo Lounge at Tanjong Pagar will close at the end of 2019

The Kilo Lounge at Tanjong Pagar will officially close at the end of 2019. This comes three years after its opening at the current venue.

In a heartfelt social media post, the Kilo Lounge has announced that it will be closing its doors at Tanjong Pagar.


In just another month, Kilo Lounge 2.0 on Tanjong Pagar will be turning three. ⁠ ⁠ We first opened our doors on 2 Dec 2016 and had quite the smasher of a weekend, even while our new home was still undergoing its final touches.⁠ ⁠ Three years on, this space, with its familiar walls and smells and weekend-worn couches, have settled into being a real home for us: a real home, with all of its quirks and imperfections. We can only be thankful for all of you that have stayed with us, coming through our concrete tunnel night after night in search of good music and the joy that comes with.⁠ ⁠ And so it is, with a heavy heart, we’d like to announce the closure of Kilo Lounge on Tanjong Pagar at the end of 2019. It’s been a fantastic run, but truthfully, the costs that come with operating on a prime belt of Singapore real estate hasn’t proven to be financially sustainable for a club like ours, one which primarily finds its niche in house and techno, genres that are still (for the most part) considered underground for the nightlife masses.⁠ ⁠ We knew it would be a big undertaking when we signed on the lease, but after two years out in the boondocks of Kampong Bugis, we needed a new challenge. We took a risk, we tried, and now we know. ⁠ It’s hard to regret a decision when it’s connected us with so many people, both new and old, and it’s hard to regret a decision that has taught us many invaluable lessons. At the end of this road, we remain humbled and grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given in the last three years.⁠ ⁠ It’s not like us to bow out and leave without a fight. As it stands, we’ve already begun the search for a new home, because we truly believe that we still have so much more to offer. Please be patient with us while we embark on this new hunt, and when we come back, we’ll be armed to the teeth with all the good and bad that we’ve learnt from both the Kilo Lounges at Kampong Bugis and Tanjong Pagar. ⁠ ⁠ continued in the comments

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Over the years, Kilo Lounge has provided a dazzling nightlife experience steered by DJs, live performances and parties, and has established itself as a club space for everyone, where techno and house heads gather at the dance floor and rising and esteemed talents grace the decks.

However, the operational costs that have gone into maintaining the venue have not been financially sustainable. 

Kilo Lounge is currently searching for a new location. 

But from now till its closure, the club will continue to amp up the dance floor with kick drums and synths on blast, and it invites everyone to continue joining them until its last night on New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2019.