King Gnu shares music video for new single 'BOY' – watch

King Gnu shares music video for new single 'BOY' – watch

Japanese band King Gnu has unveiled a brand new music video for their latest single entitled ‘BOY’. 

You might recognise the new track as the opening theme of the new anime ‘Ranking of Kings (王様ランキング, Ōsama Rankingu) which began airing in Japan on the 14th of October


Once again, creative art director OSRIN has taken charge of King Gnu’s visuals, just as he did for their hit song ‘Hakujitsu.’ 

Partially animated, the music video depicts an unlikely but stirring friendship between a young boy and a gentle pink monster. When the pink monster is tormented by three enigmatic girls in masks, the boy bands together with his friends to take on the girls who later evolve into a hydra-esque creature in the midst of battle. 

The boy in the music video is reportedly intended to be the childhood persona of lead singer Satoru Iguchi, and the endearing visuals are meant to signify the nostalgic shenanigans one gets up to as a kid. 

The track is now available for streaming on Spotify.