KKBOX launches their own music recognition feature on app

KKBOX launches their own music recognition feature on app

Apps like Soundhound and Shazam have been lifesavers at nightclubs and concerts, allowing us to identify the song names at the tip of our tongues. Now, KKBOX has hopped onboard with their own "music recognition" feature on the app.

The Taiwanese music giant has partnered with ACRCloud, a comprehensive automatic content recognition provider in Beijing, to launch a music-searching feature on their KKBOX app.

Unlike the usual function of Soundhound and Shazam where they would find the song after sampling the tune from an external source, the Asia’s leading music streaming service KKBOX’s new feature allows both search and download of the music by “singing a song, humming a tune or putting a smartphone close to the source of music”.

The feature also allows users to “conveniently review the artist or album once the intended song is being identified”. The best part? The songs can be saved for offline listening as well.

Check out KKBOX's official website on a step-by-step guide to use its newest feature.

Watch Taiwanese pop star Bii demonstrate the app (in Mandarin):

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