Klipsch solves vinyl woes with all-in-one audiophile system

Klipsch solves vinyl woes with all-in-one audiophile system

The idea of an all-in-one system for vinyl records has always been met with derision, and for good reason — the engineering is faulty, the parts are shamelessly plastic and dangerous for those precious records, and they're usually hastily packed in with a USB function that barely serves any purpose. 

However, an all-in-one system does indeed propose a tempting solution for listeners who are averse to customizing their audio systems. They just want good audio quickly and conveniently, and while that has been somewhat solved by entry-level turntables by Pro-Ject, U-Turn Audio and even Audio-Technica, the other components are less of an exciting endeavour and more of a hassle.

Klipsch Audio, mainly known for their variety of speakers and headphones, ranging from premium to consumer-grade products, has revealed The Music Crate — their audiophile take on an all-in-one system.

It features their R-15PM Powered Monitor Speakers, complete with a built-in phono pre-amp, and a special turntable made by Pro-Ject. It's simple enough, convenient with Bluetooth technology, but it also packs a punch sonically and features heavy specifications that would hush skeptic audiophiles.

This package is currently only available in Canada, but a similar package is already making its way to Europe. Not long now until it comes to Asia.