Kult Gallery transforms into a vibrant 80s record store for Power Records exhibition

Kult Gallery transforms into a vibrant 80s record store for Power Records exhibition

Beginning Friday, 16 September, Kult Gallery "will transform into a record store right out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High"! Yes, the ever-popular arts space and design studio on Mount Emily has invited over 20 different artists to recontextualize the vibrancy of 80s' music within their commissioned artworks. Expect everything from remixed album art to deconstructed vinyl to David Bowie-inspired installations.

The artworks will be on full display against a ubiquitous record shop wheat-pasted wall while the gallery itself will be painted yellow and red as a loving homage to Tower Records. Artwork in the form of gifs and videos will be screened on glitchy TVs, complete with that soft 80s glow reminiscent of a Rick Astley video.

Running for a total of six weeks, the varied artworks will be showcased and up for sale throughout the exhibition period. From vinyl that have been painted on to vintage soda pop bottles with 80s' music-inspired labels, attendees can look forward to an eclectic interpretation of 80s' music on various mediums by internationally acclaimed artists such as Andrew Flakonkishochki (Russia), Babekuhl (Australia), fFurious (Singapore), Jason Raish (US), and We are Dorothy (UK), among many others.

In addition, Kult's metamorphosis into a crate-digger’s wet dream will also feature sales of both shellac and vinyl records by vintage vinyl collectors Roz Vinyls and The Retro Factory. To top it all off, Vinylicious Records will also be offering up rare autographed framed vinyl records from 80s'-era artist like Depeche Mode, Suzanne Vega, Wham! and Pet Shop Boys for sale! And just in case you have nothing to play your purchased vinyl on, gorgeous vintage record players will also be available for purchase.

While artwork is of course the main focus of the event, Kult will also be hosting cosy acoustic sessions and vinyl record workshops (conducted by The Retro Factory’s Gary Tan on 15 October) to celebrate that rad era. The former, dubbed as the Pow Wow Sessions, will feature three intimate hour-long sets in the vein of NPR’s Tiny Desk Music Concerts.

Headlined by local favourites such as blues band The Baits backed up by artist Shak'thiya Subramaniamm (on 24 September), left-field electronic pop extraordinaire Yllis (on 1 October) and indie darling Bennett Bay (on 8 October) - these artists will cover a variety of 80s' classics or current pop songs reworked with an 80s' spin, alongside their own original compositions.

In addition DJs KiDG (on 16 September), weelikeme (on 23 September) and Fresh 'S (on 30 September) will also be rinsing out feel good 80's tunes at the neighboring kult kafe on Friday nights.

Power Records takes place from 16 to 31 September 2016 at Kult Gallery.