Check out Lady Gaga's outfits as Filipino delicacies and snacks

Check out Lady Gaga's outfits as Filipino delicacies and snacks

On April 12, Twitter user @keiakamatsu shared a thread featuring photos of Lady Gaga side-by-side Filipino snacks and delicacies like rice cakes, balut, and green mangoes with bagoong

We reached out to the creative mind behind the viral post and asked a couple of questions about Lady Gaga and Pinoy snacks:

Why did you choose to compare Lady Gaga to Filipino delicacies (over other musicians)?

Lady Gaga is among notable artists known for outlandish, unique outfits in and out of performance (we've all always known that). The diversity of her styles is outstandingly interesting and at the same time very reminiscent of food.

What’s your favorite Lady Gaga look? 


For crazy, I go for her in Balenciaga for 2015 Met Gala. But she's something else in regal looks. Her 2015 Grammy red carpet look is iconic. I always think about that.

Do you happen to have also a favorite song from the artist? A favorite album?

I'm not a fan FAN like Little Monster level, but as far as what I've heard from her, my favorite album is The Fame Monster (International Deluxe) because it has most of her biggest hits lol. For [the]song, I love 'Gypsy' and 'The Cure' the most.

We see you also tweeting a lot about other Filipino food (and our culture in general). What’s your favorite Filipino delicacy?

Sugar coated pili and uraro hands down.

While the pop star hasn't been in Manila since her concert in 2012, we're hoping that the Oscar-winner will find time to visit us soon... to grace us with a performance and to sample our vibrant cuisine.

Check out some of our favorite Lady Gaga - Pinoy snack pairings below: