Leanne and Naara, Coeli, and Niki Colet share their thoughts on brunch

Leanne and Naara, Coeli, and Niki Colet share their thoughts on brunch

How special exactly is brunch? Well, for most people, it holds a special place in their hearts: early enough to start your day right, but not late enough for bacon and eggs. 

At Bandwagon, we're all big fans of that mid-morning meal - big enough that we're kicking off our third birthday celebration at Frank & Dean with a feast for both the taste buds and the ears. What started as a tweet has bloomed into what we hope would be a weekend habit in the future: a fresh cup of your favorite morning drink, hearty food on a plate and your favorite music artists, playing their jams at 10 AM. After all, whoever said that the night owns live music anyway?

This Saturday, we'll find out how a live set of songs sound like over coffee. We're very excited about it, and our brunch buddies for that day are too! Here's what Leanne and Naara, Coeli and Niki Colet has to say about this very special time of the day:

What's the best thing about brunch?

Coeli: It's waking up late but not late enough to eat breakfast.

Leanne and Naara: The best thing about brunch is that you get to have more sleep and still have a delicious meal after! It's just the right balance if one wishes to get more rest and at the same time get the proper meal that would get them ready for the long day ahead! 

Niki Colet: The best thing about brunch would have to be that you can eat breakfast food (meaning, bacon) way after breakfast time. 

What's your brunch like? Are you more of the Filipino-style brunch eater or is your taste more continental?

Coeli: I feel like I can binge on both. Vigan longganisa is the bomb. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes too. I can honestly have all. Coffee is of course, the most essential part.

Leanne and Naara: For the both of us it really depends on what mood we're in. Most of the time we would crave for tapsilog and the like. Other times we would have bacon, Eggs Ben, toast, and waffles. We think having those options is what makes it more exciting for us Filipinos. 

Niki Colet: I LOVE bacon but as much as possible, I try to make sure my brunch is balanced by eating healthy food! I love eggs, salads, veggies, fruits, chia pudding, and oatmeal.

Do you listen to any songs while brunching? What songs are on your playlist?

Coeli: YES! To name a few,  'Did We Miss the Morning' by Seafret, 'All My Days' by Alexi Murdoch, 'Follow the Sun' by Xavier Rudd, 'Haven' by Meagan Trees, 'Natural Blue' by Julie Byrne, 'Wildwood' by Reese Lansangan, and 'Love and Some Verses' by Iron&Wine.

Leanne and Naara: We love to listen to a lot feel-good, soulful upbeat songs. 'Cheapest Flight' by Prep and 'Good Together' by Honne. We also love the company of Fitzgerald-Armstrong duets like 'Cheek to Cheek' in the morning.

Niki Colet: Most of the time, I eat my breakfast in silence because I try to eat within an hour of waking up. But recently I've been cooking myself more elaborate breakfasts and brunch and listening to music while I'm at it! 'Don't Take The Money' by Bleachers is a good wake-up song. Other songs on my playlist are 'Okay Okay I'm Wrong I'm Sorry' by Ourselves The Elves, 'This Is The Day' by The The,' Alive, Dreaming' by Mellow Fellow, and 'Dancing in the Moonlight' by Toploader.

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