LeeHi, Epik High, aespa, IU, TREASURE, and more top Spotify's 2021 'K-pop Hub' Wrapped

LeeHi, Epik High, aespa, IU, TREASURE, and more top Spotify's 2021 'K-pop Hub' Wrapped

The Hallyu Wave continues.

K-Culture has continued to spread exponentially, manifesting in Spotify's Wrapped campaign with the launch of its very own 'K-pop Hub' category in 2015. This year, the campaign revealed the top K-pop trends in 10 categories dominated by the likes of IU, aespa, BTS, Red Velvet, and more. 


The 4th generation K-pop idol groups dominate K-pop Daebak, with aespa's 'Next Level' leading the way, followed by ITZY's 'Mafia in the Morning', and Weekly's 'After School'. TWICE's 'Alchohol free', NCT DREAM's 'Hot Sauce', BTS' 'Butter', ENHYPEN'S 'FEVER', BLACKPINK Rosé's 'On the Ground', and finally, STAYC's 'ASAP' round up the Top 10.

Introducing new artists under RADAR Korea, YG Entertainment group TREASURE features at the top with 'MY TREASURE'. SECRET NUMBER's 'Got that Boom' is right behind, followed by Weekly's 'After School', PURPLE KISS' 'Ponzona', aespa's 'Black Mamba', P1Harmony's 'Sacred', 'Dingo x Queen WA$ABII - Jay Park' by Qeen WA$ABII and Chamgmo, STAYC's 'ASAP' returns, followed by T1419's 'ASURABALBALTA'. 

For the Korean rock genre titled Cool K'IDs Rock, IU and BTS' SUGA's track, 'eight', takes first place, with AKMU's 'HAPPENING' right behind. The Rose's 'She's in the Rain' comes after, followed by DAY6's 'You were beautiful', The Rose's 'RED', DAY6 subunit Even of Day's 'Where the sea sleeps', TXT's 'Wishlist' DAY6's 'You Make Me', MAMAMOO Solar's 'Adrenaline', and JANNABI's 'for lovers who hesitate' concludes the list. 

In the TrenChill K-R&B playlist, LeeHi and Crush's 'For you' sits on top, with 'No Blueberries' by DPR IAN, DPR LIVE, and CL coming in at number 2. Taeyeon's 'What Do I Call You' comes after, followed by NIve and Sam Kim's 'like a Fool', EXO Baekhyun's 'Amusement Park', Jamie and Jay Park's 'Apollo 11' and Seori's 'Running Through the Night'. EXO Baekhyun makes a reappearance with 'Bambi', followed by Seori's 'Lovers in the Night', and JUNNY's 'By My Side'. 

Zico, CL and Epik High's collaborative track 'Rosario' starts off K-HIP-HOP +82, followed by ASH ISLAND's 'Melody'. Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda and MUSHVENOM's 'VVS' is next, with pH-1 and JUNNY's 'AURA' succeeding it, then ASH ISLAND and Loopy's 'Error', BIBI's 'KAZINO', DPR Live, Crush and eaJ's 'Jam & Butterfly', pH-1 and Mirani's 'Daisy', closing with 'ON AIR' by Jay Park, Loco, Gray, and IIlBOI

For the ever-growing indie scene, the In the K-Indie list is headed by 'Wings', a collaboration between Thai singer-songwriter Phum Viphurit and SE SE NEON's So!YoON!. JANNABI's 'for lovers who hesitate' comes after, then Seori's 'Lovers In The Night', Standing Egg's 'friend to lover', 03ohn's 'Clouds', Dvxn's 'Insomnia' featuring YAYYOUNG, youra's 'MIMI', 'A Car Going Nowhere' by ESAE, Dasutt's 'Youth', and finally, ALEPH's 'No One Told Me Why'. 

Rising artists are introduced in Fresh Finds Korea, with Yong Yong's 'RAIN STAR' heading the list. Sweet the Kid comes after with 'Vacation', then Claire Hau with 'Ideology', Bandgirin and 'Dear Island', KYUL's 'Feel better', Siwa's 'Gently, By your Side', quinn_ and 'requiem'. Seo Gi's 'The Swing', Budung 'Lovers', and JOE CHO's 'Thru The Rain'. 

For K-drama lovers, the top Korean OSTs see Red Velvet's 'Future' for drama Start-up at the top, followed by Jung Seung Hwan's 'Day & Night' for the same drama. Run On OST 'My Light' by Baek Ji Young comes after, while Start-up OSTs reappear with Gaho's 'running'. YUJU's 'I'm in the Mood for Dancing' for teen drama True Beauty comes next, followed by Mr. Queen OST 'Here I am' by Jo Hyun Ah, Doom at Your Service OST 'Breaking Down' by AILEE, 'So this is love' by DAY6 (Even of Day) for the YouTube web music series Secret: Atelier, 10cm's 'Borrow your night' for Romance 101, and Hello Ga-young's 'How is it?' ends the list.  

K-pop Ballad Hits starts with Sung Si Kyung's 'And We go', followed by Super Junior Henry's 'RADIO', Paul Kim's 'Me After You', IU's 'Love Poem', BTS V's 'Sweet Night' for drama Itaewon Class, Cho Jung Seok's 'aloha', Red Velvet Wendy's 'When This Rain Stops', Saundeul's 'Slightly Tipsy', asepa's 'Forever', and Yerin Baek's 'Here I Am Again'. 

Finally, Jazzy Korea has Saseon's 'Care' starting it off, with Kang Seung Hun's 'The Way home' after. Zmeyev and Screen Jazzmaster's 'Soul Samba' follows, then Midorii's 'すすきの(Susukino) N08', Hyewon's 'Challenge', COAH's 'Hongdae Street', 'We Don't See Eye To Eye' by Ho Yeon Lim, 'We Sing' by Jenny & good friends, '두루미' by Do&Be Sound, and concluded with PlaSid's 'LOVE IS'. 

Peek the list of top songs in Spotify's 2021 Wrapped 'K-Pop Hub Edition':

TrenChill K-R&B

  1. “For You” - LeeHi, Crush
  2. “No Blueberries” - DPR IAN, DPR LIVE, CL
  3. “What Do I Call You” - TAEYEON
  4. “Like A Fool” - NIve, Sam Kim
  5. “Amusement Park” - BAEKHYUN
  6. “Apollo 11 (feat. Jay Park)” - Jamie, Jay Park
  7. “Running Through The Night” - Seori
  8. “Bambi” - BAEKHYUN
  9. “Lovers In The Night” - Seori
  10. “By My Side” - JUNNY


  1. “Rosario” - Epik High, CL, ZICO
  3. “VVS” - Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda, MUSHVENOM
  4. “AURA (feat. pH-1) (Prod. GXXD)” - JUNNY, pH-1
  5. “Error (Feat. Loopy)” - ASH ISLAND, Loopy
  6. “KAZINO” - BIBI
  7. “Jam & Butterfly” - DPR LIVE, Crush, Eaj
  8. “Daisy (feat. pH-1)” - Mirani, pH-1
  9. “FRIENDS” - lIlBOI, Wonstein
  10. “ON AIR” - lIlBOI, Loco, Jay Park, GRAY

In The K-indie 

  1. “Wings” - So!YoON!, Phum Viphurit
  2. “for lovers who hesitate” - JANNABI
  3. “Lovers In The Night” - Seori
  4. “friend to lover” - Standing Egg
  5. “Clouds” - O3ohn
  6. “Insomnia (feat. YAYYOUNG)” - Dvwn, YAYYOUNG
  7. “MIMI” - youra
  8. “A Car Going Nowhere” - ESAE
  9. “Youth” - Dasutt
  10. “No One Told Me Why” - ALEPH

Jazzy Korea

  1. “Care” - Saseon
  2. “The Way Home” - Kang Seung Hun
  3. “Soul Samba” - Zmeyev, Screen Jazzmaster
  4. “すすきの(Susukino) N08” - Midorii
  5. “Challenge” - Hyewon
  6. “Hongdae Street” - COAH
  7. “We Don’t See Eye To Eye” - Ho Yeon Lim
  8. “We Sing” - Jenny & good friends
  9. “두루미” - Do&Be Sound
  10. “LOVE IS” - PlaSid

K-pop Daebak

  1. “Next Level” - aespa
  2. “In the morning” - ITZY
  3. “After School” - Weekly
  4. “Alcohol-Free” - TWICE
  5. “Hot Sauce” - NCT DREAM
  6. “Butter” - BTS
  7. “Drunk-Dazed” - ENHYPEN
  9. “On The Ground” - ROSÉ
  10. “ASAP” - STAYC

Korean OSTs

  1. “Future” - Red Velvet
  2. “Day & Night” - Jung Seung Hwan
  3. “My Light” - Baek Ji Young
  4. “Running” - Gaho
  5. “I′m in the Mood for Dancing” - YUJU
  6. “Here I am” - Jo Hyun Ah
  7. “Breaking Down” - AILEE
  8. “so this is love” - DAY6 (Even of Day)
  9. “Borrow your night (Romance 101 X 10CM)” - 10cm
  10. “How is it?” - Hello Ga-Young

K-pop Ballad Hits 

  1. “And we go” - Sung Si Kyung
  2. “RADIO” - Henry
  3. “Me After You” - Paul Kim
  4. “Love poem” - IU
  5. “Sweet Night” - V
  6. “Aloha” - CHO JUNG SEOK
  7. “When This Rain Stops” - WENDY
  8. “Slightly Tipsy (She is My Type♡ X SANDEUL)” - Sandeul
  9. “Forever (약속)” - aespa
  10. “Here I Am Again” - Yerin Baek

Cool K'IDs Rock

  1. “eight(Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)” - IU, SUGA
  3. “She's In The Rain” - The Rose
  4. “You Were Beautiful” - DAY6
  5. “RED” - The Rose
  6. “Where the sea sleeps” - DAY6 (Even of Day)
  7. “Wishlist” - TOMORROW X TOGETHER
  8. “You make Me” - DAY6
  9. “Adrenaline” - Solar
  10. “for lovers who hesitate” - JANNABI


  2. “Got That Boom” - SECRET NUMBER
  3. “After School” - Weeekly
  4. “Ponzona” - PURPLE KISS
  5. “Next Level” - aespa
  6. “Black Mamba” - aespa
  7. “Scared” - P1Harmony
  8. “Dingo X Queen WA$ABII - Jay Park” - Queen WA$ABII, CHANGMO
  9. “ASAP” - STAYC
  10. “ASURABALBALTA” - T1419

Fresh Finds Korea 

  1. “RAIN STAR *:・゚” - YongYong
  2. “Vacation” - Sweet The Kid
  3. “Ideology” - Claire Hau
  4. “Dear island” - Bandgirin
  5. “Feel Better” - KYUL
  6. “Gently, By Your Side” - Siwa
  7. “requiem (鎭魂曲)” - quinn_
  8. “The Swing” - Seo Gi
  9. “Lovers” - Budung
  10. “Thru The Rain” - JOE CHO

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