Lepark closing its doors at the end of September

Lepark closing its doors at the end of September

Lepark took to Facebook this past weekend to announce that it'll be closing its doors on Saturday, September 30th.

Titled The Last Song, the 30th will see Lepark go out in a blaze of glory after three full years of late-night dining and live music. From the first Getai Electronica to the most recent Jazz Night, the quaint bar in Chinatown had the best to offer patrons with amazing cocktails and a killer view. A hidden gem, the bar took over a former carpark space of People's Park Complex and transformed it into the escape we have all come to know and love.

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In a long and passionate post, Lepark thanked the customers and declared that they want to "choose a door that makes sense for all of us – and a safe space that you guys will all wanna call home. We’ll keep yall posted, if anyone has any ideas on how to work together, write to us too!"

Lepark's The Last Song takes place on 30 September at 1 Park Road, People's Park Complex #06-00.