Let your stories be told at Bandwagon Conversations at the Nook

Let your stories be told at Bandwagon Conversations at the Nook


Music is undoubtedly in the spotlight again here in the Philippines. With all the amazing concerts of both local and international artists, curated gigs that can go from intimate to huge, one-of-a-kind events and more, the country is filled with melodies, beats and words  — stories that fill our minds and hearts with memories to last us a lifetime.

It’s time to share these stories to the community we’ve built and nurtured through Bandwagon Conversations at the Nook, an intimate exchange of thoughts, experiences and ideas circling a particular aspect of the local music scene.

The local music scene is undeniably brimming not just with great talent but also with a very encouraging support system that helps the community thrive. While many of us are fans of bands and musicians we love, a number of us are also music producers, gig organizers, music writers, and more. Each one of us has a collection of tales that take us back to the beginning: when we started listening, when we started campaigning, when we started creating.


Bandwagon Conversations encourages these tales to be told to others. We are driven by our common love and passion for music, and this produces memories that we vividly remember because of the impact it has made in our lives. This impact increases tenfold when shared with others in a space that exudes a vibe of openness, togetherness and creativity — much like the Nook Co-Working Studio, our newest home at Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang.

Happening on particular Saturdays, Bandwagon Conversations at the Nook is open to anyone interested in learning more about the local music scene beyond what most listeners and gig-goers know and in sharing their musical experiences beyond the performing stage. For the remainder of 2019, we are hosting discussions over brunch about:

Music Writing

You can be an aspiring music writer, a music blogger or just a curious soul. If you’re up for a talk on how to chronicle the happenings in local music, interview your favorite bands and review singles and albums, join some of the best music writers today for a cup of coffee on August 31, Saturday at 10:30 AM. 


Music Event Production and Curation

Putting up a music event is more than putting up a stage, setting up some speakers and inviting a bunch of musicians to play. Let’s talk about how music festival organizers and concert promoters in the country curate their acts and what goes on backstage during these shows. Register here: http://bit.ly/BWConvoMusicEvent

Music Production (back-to-back with Bandwagon Nights #5)

Before that song got stuck in your head, it was a series of chord progressions stuck in someone else’s mind. Wrapping up the year’s conversations is a closer look at music production. This event will be followed by Bandwagon Nights #5, our year-end offering to our readers. Entrance is 700 PHP per person. Get tickets here.

When your scene is a singing scene, a musical scene, it is easy to forget that not all stories are songs. Our stories as a community go beyond songs, beyond lyrics and melodies. Bandwagon Conversations is a celebration of these, and more. 

Bandwagon Conversations at The Nook is happening from August to December 2019. For inquiries, drop us an email: ph@bandwagon.asia. You may also RSVP here.

Nook Co-Working Studio is located at G/F Molito Complex 3, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.