Linying is back with a lonely, luxurious video for 'Tall Order' – watch

Linying is back with a lonely, luxurious video for 'Tall Order' – watch

Happy Friday – Linying is back with new music! Today, she dropped a music video for the emotional 'Tall Order', a track that has us even more excited for what she has in store this year.

Like her Paris 12 EP, 'Tall Order' features Linying's prominent vocals over smooth, lush electronic sounds. But its impact is more immediate than her previous work, which sometimes tended towards the sleepier, more atmospheric end of the spectrum. Those notes she hits in the chorus of 'Tall Order' are shiver-inducing, and the piano that emerges from the depths on the second verse adds welcome, familiar texture to the song.

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The video accompanying the song was directed by Linying herself with the assistance of frequent collaborator Tan Yan Long, also known as Longaguu, who served as director of photography.

"With this video, I tried to put into a visual language what it feels like to be deeply dissatisfied with yourself," Linying told Bandwagon. "All the nights out spent avoiding addressing the issue, obsessing over the plates at a party and throwing a fit just because one thing doesn't go your way. At some point you just start seeing yourself acting like a child, throwing a ridiculous tantrum.”

Watch Linying's new music video for 'Tall Order' here: