Linying shines on a new track by Yaffle, 'Summer' – listen

Linying shines on a new track by Yaffle, 'Summer' – listen

Is it possible to anoint songs of the summer in Singapore, given that we live perpetually in that season? Well, if we could, 'Summer' by Yaffle and Linying would be a definite contender.

Today, Youki Kojima aka Yaffle (who is both a music producer and a co-founder of Tokyo Recordings) released the collaboration. It's an energetic, bouncy electronic pop track – Linying's crystalline vocals, praising ephemeral summer love and a sensual season, sound great over it. I can see this soundtracking a fun-filled, carefree summer getaway sequence in some teen movie, and that's a compliment.

Listen to 'Summer' by Yaffle and Linying below:

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