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LISTEN: FAUXE kills it with 'Brooklyn 96' featuring Sam Rui, DanniKIDDO & MickeyLEANO

LISTEN: FAUXE kills it with 'Brooklyn 96' featuring Sam Rui, DanniKIDDO & MickeyLEANO

In what has been an exceptionally prolific run for FAUXE and his comrades from the Mediocre Haircut Crew, the group of regular collaborators have been consistently and relentless putting out quality singles and EPs on a frequency that's, quite frankly, unheard of in the Singapore music scene. 

Mere days after releasing 'HBA' (featuring MickeyLEANO and DanniKIDDO), the lead single off his forthcoming full-length album, the hard-working producer has come out again with a yet another hot track featuring familiar talent.

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Entitled 'Brooklyn 96' (an obvious homage to cult television comedy Brooklyn 99, which you should definitely watch by the way), the fresh cut sees the masked beatsmith once again enlisting rappers MickeyLEANO and DanniKIDDO, this time to complement the gorgeous of vocals singer-songwriter Sam Rui.

While we've lost count of how many times FAUXE has worked with the MHC boys, this track marks the second collaboration with Sam Rui after the much-praised and hyper-sensual 'DOWN' blew minds earlier this year. This new piece is a bonafide stunner, proving to the doubters that quantity and quality aren't mutually exclusive, at least when it comes to FAUXE's crew.

Listen to the track below.

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