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LISTEN: The unbridled sludgy metalcore terror of hrvst

LISTEN: The unbridled sludgy metalcore terror of hrvst

The mixture of metal and hardcore hasn't had a good rep for its inventiveness post-2010 — tirelessly regurgitating corrossive growling vocals, riff-based breakdowns and all-too-familiar drum patterns.

While they've yet to strut the best of their sonic abilities yet, the three-song demo that Singaporean trio hrvst has put out shows promise.

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Veering away from both the cliche'd melodic moments that often too many bands embrace, along with the mind-numbing, "chug-chug-chug" moments that plague bands like Parkway Drive, fortress cultivates a nastier groove-based approach that works in their favour — the band jumps headfirst into the black with a penchant for an overwhelming atmosphere. Absolutely intrepid and downright grimy material — if not still rough around the edges — but we're digging it.

Listen to fortress in full here: