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LISTEN: Rudra unleashes hypnotic nine-minute epic, 'Ancient Fourth'

LISTEN: Rudra unleashes hypnotic nine-minute epic, 'Ancient Fourth'

The Vedic metal tag has been personified by Rudra's experimentation with traditional Indian instruments and Sanskrit literature, forming their own unique extreme metal vision that has been consistent in their output since forming in 1992. 

Now, with their album Enemy Of Duality coming up, it may very well be the most focused culmination of the band's strengths so far. With their nine-minute epic 'Ancient Fourth', the band pulls all stops in their arsenal to produce a track that's simply momentous in its unadulterated progressive power.

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A slow burner, this is not. Brimming with stellar riff ideas and hypnotic instrumental dirges powered by tablas and flutes, the mythic quality that permeates the best of Rudra's work is in full force here.

Listen to 'Ancient Fourth' here:

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