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LISTEN: Soulful alt-R&B artist Slodown debuts with Yllis-produced single 'Khaled'

LISTEN: Soulful alt-R&B artist Slodown debuts with Yllis-produced single 'Khaled'

Seemingly out of nowhere, fresh-faced Singaporean artist Slodown (real name Brian Lim) has popped up online with an incredibly winning single called 'Khaled' - and we're having trouble picking our collective jaws off the floor.

The splendid new track begins with warm touch, reminiscent of 70s'-era soul ballads, before morphing into a more modern form midway, transforming into a haunting alt-R&B body containing the singer's pained remorse. And if you were wondering where the title comes into play, listen to the song's clever chorus which puts a sad twist on DJ Khaled’s now iconic “You Smart, You Loyal” catchphrase.

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As Slodown explains, "'Khaled' is the first single off debut EP titled Nomance, scheduled for a late September release. To be subtitled ‘A short story by slodown’, Nomance paints a picture of the lust, heartbreak and emptiness experienced by the youths of today’s "Tinder generation" with a narrative that spans five tracks."

It sounds like this song is the dramatic midpoint of that story, and the perfect appetizer for Slodown's forthcoming EP.

Listen his Yllis-produced debut single below.


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