Listen to new songs by some of the freshest faces in Mandopop

Listen to new songs by some of the freshest faces in Mandopop

Age may be just a number but in this week’s edition of KKBOX Music Supper, we tip our hats to the freshest faces in all of Mandopop. Born either in the late-‘90s or early-2000s, these three featured acts have recently released music that charmed their way through the top of KKBOX Music Supper chart. Let’s take a look at three up-and-coming artists and their latest tracks!


They are the original fresh and young faces of  the Chinese music industry. But can you believe TFBOYS are already five years into their careers? The little boys-next-door are now stepping into their twenties and showing off a more mature charm and a fresh new image to fans. 

Karry, Jackson and Roy who took a short break from the music scene to focus on their acting career, dropped their first single of 2018, 'The Best Years', earlier this month. 

Kiki Wei

Only 21 years old, the music-major student is one of the most exciting rookies in the Chinese pop music scene. Kiki Wei’s first single 'Love, Exists' is the ending song of the most buzzing drama in town, Meteor Garden. This song has been ranking high in charts over throughout the past few weeks and its placement doesn’t seemed to be threatened by new releases from veteran singers. 

Although not much is known about this talented singer, ‘Love, Exists’ is just a small preview in preparation for Kiki’s upcoming debut. We’re sure she’s going to be the next big thing once she makes a full-fledge debut. 

Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang is the star of Meteor Garden. He plays the role of classic character Dao Ming Si and won hearts of young girls even older women alike. 

Although not a professional singer, the heartthrob’s song recorded specially for Meteor Garden’s soundtrack brings back memories of the drama. It’s so soulful; fans get to savour Dylan’s original voice without the awkward dubbing in the drama. We highly recommend 'Don't Even Have to Think About It' to fans of the show or Dylan Wang. 

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