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LISTEN: Yllis synthesizes alien R&B and post-Internet pop on his debut single 'wiik'

LISTEN: Yllis synthesizes alien R&B and post-Internet pop on his debut single 'wiik'

In case you weren't already familiar, Yllis is actually the solo production moniker of MONSTER CAT frontman Wang Wei Yang (aka Hentai Cat). What initially started as a means to find himself as an artist has since grown to become, in our opinion, one of the most promising electronic projects in Singapore and beyond.

As Yllis himself explained when we last caught up with him, "The weirder and fresher sounding the better. Some bits I think sound like if the Internet was a sentient being who digested the pain and love of the world only to vomit it out into your ear drums." And after experiencing his exciting electronic experimentations first-hand, we have to agree!

His forthcoming debut EP, entitled ISLAND-01, will be released in June, and it'll serve as the fans' exciting virgin glimpse into his alien and frigid sonic universe. Drawing from "the warped synthesis of experimental computer music to a raw alternative R&B sensibility reminiscent of Autre Ne Veut", Yllis aims to stake out new musical terrain with surprising melodic turns and extraterrestrial textural choices.

His freshman single, 'wiik', represents the ideal distillation of Wang's unique vision, presenting the listener with a hypnotic, dystopian landscape underneath Wang's opaque, unvarnished lyricism and affecting vocals. His border-less, hyper-connected interpretation of electronic pop should be instantly revelatory, and this debut track is but a mere slice of great things to come.