LISTEN: Young Spice reconnects with 'Dial Up'

LISTEN: Young Spice reconnects with 'Dial Up'

Despite their name, Young Spice is not actually related to Baby Spice of the Spice Girls. They are in fact an Australian-Singaporean production duo, made up of Colombo Kidd (Melbourne) and Leon The Professional (Pasir Ris).

Over the last year or so, the pair have been steadily making a name for themselves Down Under and in the Lion City thanks to a stellar stream of beats and tracks put out via online platforms like SoundCloud and Bandcamp, alongside more traditional arms such as respected Oz label Plastic World, Singaporean collective HYBRDTHRY and their very own imprint Potatoheadz.

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Listen to Young Spice's Bandwagon Mix.

From what we've heard, the pair are ready to unleash their follow-up to their outstanding 2015 mixtape Basic Couch Formula, aptly entitled Basic Couch Formula 2, very soon. In the meantime though, Young Spice have been tirelessly putting out amazing stray singles such as 'Start', 'At Least Try' and 'I Came Home / An ode' online as precursors to their eventual mixtape sequel.

As you can hear, a good chunk their recent material has seen the duo foray deep into house and techno territory, which has been wonderfully exciting to witness. But on their latest cut, entitled 'Dial Up', sees Young Spice returning to their dusty signature with yet another impeccably crafted instrumental hip-hop beat.

Described by Leon The Professional as, "Written while trying to make phone calls to city friends", this fresh production should reconnect Young Spice with their fledging fan base in a big way. Listen to the track below.