Listening To Music In Unlikely Places: Unknown Rooftop Garden

Oh hey look, we're on an Unnamed Rooftop Garden

Few reasons, to check out the view, enjoy a long stroll during our lunch break, get some respite from the harsh realities of the Singapore workplace and of course, test out this new thing we have: the JBL Micro Wireless. To recap, we received some JBL products for being a Finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 so hurrah, we're taking them out for a spin by listening to music in a series of unlikely places. That is how we have arrived in this rooftop garden.  

This is the JBL Micro Wireless:

This donut-sized speaker is ultra portable and most convenient. Just like how we told our boss we were going for lunch, slipped the speaker in our pocket, and now we are sitting pretty in a city park on high ground listening to music. Also something to mention is that it is a wireless speaker, so no more messy wires with the advent of Bluetooth. 

We may be festival-goers and frequently partake in the enjoyment of music at outdoor concerts, but listening to music in a park is way different experience. Putting on the most garden-y tunes we had and despite being surrounded by construction, after a while we let Bon Iver take us to his cabin in the woods and chilled with Fleet Foxes in the mountains - yeah whatever, let us have our absurdist hyper-imaginative fantasies. We had our portable friend to thank for this of course. For it's pocket-sizedness, this gadget produces pretty good sound. From the opening notes of the first song we played, we were probably soaring through some enchanting forest glades. 

Because we're generous, we would like to extend our invitation to our secret garden listening party. Here's our playlist! 

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