The Analog Vault makes it easier to get vinyl records to you

The Analog Vault makes it easier to get vinyl records to you

As much as music lovers romanticise the record store, there is a special kind of magic in finding a new favourite album, or connecting with kindred spirits who dig Television or MF Doom as much as you. 

But of course, time is also a precious commodity and sadly, not everyone has the privilege to spend their Saturday afternoon away, sipping coffee and trading knowledge with chatty record store owners.

And while online shopping has made it easier for us to procure records, with the most important source being the record labels themselves, a fundamental reason for an independent record store's existence is far beyond convenience. And it's only our duty as music lovers to buy from them as much as we can to keep them alive — a method which benefits everyone.

Local record store The Analog Vault has made it easier for record collectors with tight schedules. They've launched a brand new website with the store's eclectic catalog, serving their specialty in hip-hop, jazz, electronic music and reggae while offering some of the newest in rock and pop as well. 

"[The site] we hope will not only serve as an online channel to complement our brick-and-mortar store, but will also serve as a music discovery platform for our customers," states The Analog Vault on their official Facebook page. The store currently deals with domestic mail, but they're open to shipping around Asia.

The store is also offering 15% off your order in conjunction with Lush 99.5FM, so "LUSH995TAV" will be your best friend until the end of September. If you're still free and easy, the store remains in operation at their Esplanade outlet.

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Watch our instructional video on taking care of your vinyl records: