Local Talent In International Music Festival: Laneway Singapore 2014

To feature local artists for international indie festival Laneway has always been championed by many in Singapore. Ever since the very first instalment of this much lauded festival on our shores in 2011 - originally started in a modest Laneway in Melbourne - there had been talk to include homegrown talent to share the always stellar lineup the folks at Laneway have always put together. 2014 marks a very special year for them and the gig goers here as they have announced three acts from our city-state to feature with the likes of electronic whizkid James Blake, the angelic pure-of-voice Daughter and British buzzband Savages among others. Let's give it up for: Vandetta, Gema and The Observatory! 

“This year, with the addition of a third stage, we finally had the room to actually do it. These three acts I picked personally are all truly worthy of their position in this incredible group of artists. Festival-goers are in for such a treat,” Danny Rogers, one of the founders of Laneway Festival explained.

Looks like Laneway has come a long way from that first time it launched on our shores (most of us will have fond rain-soaked memories of 'Rainway 2011'), not only are they including local acts, the number of stages have been bumped up to three it seems! While we start counting the days to the festival now, we give you more details about the new addition to the lineup:


This young electronic producer wowed many by his performances at the Syndicate Subsessions. Now part of the audio-visual collective Syndicate, Gema has continued to impress us with his distinct sound of warm synth melodies, dreamy and sparse soundscapes, and signature sub-bass lines. One thing though, we can't imagine having Gema play any earlier than sunset, so we hope this comes true!


We have so much love for this talented lady, Vanessa Fernandez aka Vandetta. Essentially an electronic outfit, the most prominent thing here is her amazing voice. Expect live looping, vocal processing, witnessing her hum the basslines and the sorts, but be prepared to be blown away by that voice - she is living proof that Singapore has soul. Here's a teaser:

The Observatory

A force of forward-thinking music from the +65, The Observatory has been one of the most important bands from Singapore. A desolate brew of folk, music concrete, experimental rock and the band's unique apocalyptical vision, The Obs are a truly progressive band in every sense of the word. Through the years they have encompassed various musical styles, yet never losing their identity.