PHOTO GALLERY: Lucy Rose exudes candid warmth in Manila

PHOTO GALLERY: Lucy Rose exudes candid warmth in Manila

Never meet your heroes, says the wise. But for fans of Lucy Rose, getting to know theirs had proven to be worth throwing that piece of wisdom out the window for just one night.

During her stripped-down show on a somber Monday night at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub, the English singer-songwriter effortlessly transitioned from idol to friend to idol again throughout the course of her performance down to her taking time after her set to personally meet her audience one-by-one. With her easy smiles and characteristic self-deprecation, Lucy had been all unassuming charm and genuine warmth, to the absolute delight of everyone. 

Below are the highlights of Lucy Rose's appearance in Manila:


Fools and Foes opening the night for one of their biggest musical inspirations, Lucy Rose. 

"Lucy, we love your bangs!"

"You love my ba- oh, my fringe? Thank you."

Fools and Foes' Isabelle Romualdez tries to contain her emotion as Lucy sings her requested song 'Red Face' to thank her for opening the night. 

Local singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan screaming for Lucy to play 'First'. 

"I need your help with this one," Lucy exclaims, asking help from those present to sing 'Like an Arrow' with her -- and calling out those whose mouths remained closed, causing the crowd to erupt into fits of laughter.

Lucy Rose switches to the keyboards to perform 'Nebraska'.

Lucy says thank you to her crowd of adoring fans and assures everyone there will be no encore, but she'll be right back out to say hello to all her fans.

Lucy has an intimate session with the winners of the Meet & Greet contest. 

Lucy going through the contents of the gift bag Bandwagon prepared for her. In it were artisanal chocolates from Theo & Philo, chocolate-covered dried mangoes ("This is amazing because it's chocolate but also a fruit so you can pretend it's healthy!"), a Bandwagon neck pillow, post cards, and Love Letters to Lucy -- notebooks filled with messages which fans wrote for her on the spot. 

We are living for this smile.

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Lucy Rose Live in Manila was presented by Symmetry Entertainment and Bandwagon.