M1LDL1FE take on dream pop with 'How You Forget' — listen

M1LDL1FE take on dream pop with 'How You Forget' — listen

M1LDL1FE's first single, 'Distraction', may not have been entirely convincing of their new identity as a band, but 'How You Forget' demonstrates the band's first big step outside their comfort zone.

The indie rock outfit just released ‘How You Forget’ this morning, injecting a much-needed dose of wistfulness into their pop-centric songwriting.

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“The idea of the song came about when I found myself not being able to remember some (of) my moments with an ex-lover,” explained frontman Paddy Ong in the press release. “It was as if those moments never existed.”

The mid-tempo tune blossoms with unravelling guitars, treated with the kind of reverb that reinforces the sheer despondency of the lyrics. Listen to this one with headphones — from the sparkling synths that drift in the background, to the vocal harmonies that support Paddy, there's plenty to pick out in this concise four-minute track.

M1LDL1FE launches their EP on August 5th. Tickets here.

Have a listen to ‘How You Forget’ here: