M1LDL1FE release wistful music video for 'How You Forget' – watch

M1LDL1FE release wistful music video for 'How You Forget' – watch

Singaporean indie rock band, M1LDL1FE, have released the official music video for 'How You Forget', off their recent self-titled EP.

"The idea for the song came about when I found myself not being able to remember some my moments with an ex-lover. It was as if those moments never existed," vocalist Paddy Ong explains. "And I found it strange that for someone with whom at the time you felt so connected to, someone you allowed inside your walls, memories with them you would think be permanent, yet you cannot seem to remember most of it." 

The video, directed by Jacky Lee, hones in on the essence of the little things that one would notice and remember in relationships — from the way someone eats, to the way they walk, with a retro-styled video, complete with circle frames and a background of waves.

Lee explains,

"I wanted the camera to mimic that of someone eyes, observing all these little things that are going on… like you are people-watching. I wanted the audience to feel a sense of familiarity and nostalgia while watching the video.

The whole circle (frame) inspiration came about when I started to think about how to metaphorically represent topics like how life shouldn’t be a boring cycle day after day, embracing the little things in life even if they are not perfect, having a second chance in life, and how a lot of people around me are so caught up in the rat race." 

Check out the music video below.