Måneskin talk life after winning Eurovision and their newest single 'MAMMAMIA'

Måneskin talk life after winning Eurovision and their newest single 'MAMMAMIA'

Måneskin are back.

Serving as their first original release since winning this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the eccentric Italian rock band have returned with a new cheeky single titled 'MAMMAMIA'. Inspired by the band's true experiences, the bass-heavy track pokes fun at the criticism and judgement the quartet have received since their mammoth rise to fame.

"After Eurovision, we had a lot of attention on us. There were a lot of times where we did something that we thought was great but people would criticise it or didn't understand it, so I wanted to translate that into the song and kind of make fun of the situation," says Måneskin frontman Damiano David, at a press conference last week. 


Comprising Damiano, Victoria de Angelis (bass), Ethan Torchino (drums), and Thomas Raggi (guitar), Måneskin have had an eventful year, to say the least. From winning one of the world's largest music competitions to now, gearing up for a sold-out tour in 2022, the band have become one of the biggest names in music today.

Regardless of it all, the four-piece still feel like "normal 20-year-olds". 

"When we get off the stage, we stop being rockstars. We hang out with our friends and have a normal life, we’re normal people who just love the job we do. We try to be the best versions of ourselves, we don't think of ourselves as role models," they share. 

Since their conception in 2016, Måneskin have been working on their music independently, declining to work with writers outside of their team. Until today, even with their immensely successful hits 'Beggin' and 'I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE', the band wants to keep their music-making process between them. 

"We’ve been writing our own music since we started and it works fine for us. We’re still young, we have so many things to talk about and to experiment with. We’re just enjoying it," says Victoria. 

With their latest single, their creative process still stays the same. Recorded live and written among the four members, 'MAMMAMIA' is an energetic track that sonically threads between classic rock music and contemporary club beats. 

"We wrote this song immediately after Eurovision. We had very few days to go to the studio and work on new music but fortunately, this song came out in just a few hours and I think that's why we felt that it was going to work and be a banger (laughs). Sometimes it takes months and months for a song but sometimes you're just very inspired, and that's what happened with this song," says Damiano. 

"We had a lot of fun working on it, [we didn't] take it too seriously – it's a very silly, careless song. We never did anything like this so we just tried to have fun and enjoy it, we're very happy with the results. It's also nice that this song came together very naturally," adds Victoria.

On their upcoming plans, Måneskin shared that they've been continuously working on new music but are taking the time to perfect them. "We’re going to take our time, there’s no rush," Damiano shares. 

Listen to Måneskin's latest single 'MAMMAMIA' here.