Mediocre Haircut Crew releases new song 'Theme Titans', shares collaborative music video

Mediocre Haircut Crew releases new song 'Theme Titans', shares collaborative music video

"Listen to the flow / It's impeccable / Full house at the last three festivals" – In case you're wondering, Mediocre Haircut Crew is doing very well. Though omarKENOBI, mickeyLEANO, and daniKIDDO haven't released anything in a hot minute, they're still titans of a lane that is deeply and distinctly their own. To drive that message home, the trio has now has shared a new song, 'Theme Titans', and its accompanying music video.

The project is interesting in many regards. For one, any new MHC transmission is a tantalising proposition. 'Theme Titans' comes from a glorious lineage – "Play the track back and it's wavy like the old shit" – that has seen boom-bap sensibilities getting reconfigured into wholly new and contemporary forms. Here, each rapper takes his time to unspool bar upon bar of weaponised lyrical charm. As always, MHC is beyond-quotable. But the tone is now more mature, knowing and dashing.

This carries through to the visual realm, too. Likewise winningly idiosyncratic, the video compellingly underscores the truths of the song. Capturing a night of boozy revelry in which smiles are aplenty and good vibes overflowing, the video, which was made gratis by a French tourist, Jeremy Rubier, who happened to catch MHC live whilst in Singapore, is consummately feel-good. "While partying in Singapore, I ended up at a live show near a parking lot. The vibe was so good, I had to ask the kids if I could make a music video for them. I followed them one night, and this is what happened. Singapore is not that boring after all", is his recollection of how it all came together. Andy West Chill and Alisha Bhaumik also assisted in its realisation.

If this is a first taste of what's to come, we absolutely can't wait for more.

Watch the video for 'Theme Titans' below.