Japan's Yasuhiro Morinaga Ensemble untangles and interweaves the sonic tapestry of Indonesia

Japan's Yasuhiro Morinaga Ensemble untangles and interweaves the sonic tapestry of Indonesia

For those unaware, Yasuhiro Morinaga is best known in Japan as the founder and artistic director of music label and sound production company, CONCRETE. The famed sound designer, explorer and music director is renowned many things, but of particular note is his work in ritual spaces and practices - recording everything from religious chants to the found soundscapes within natural environments around the world.

Lately though, Morinaga has been immersed in the sounds of Indonesia for his brand new multi-displinary performance project entitled Message from a Medicine Man. Together with his talented ensemble, and a slew of inspired collaborators from Southeast Asia, Morinaga aims to manifest a sacred space using music, spoken word, and mesmerising lights, inspired by the traditional and contemporary sounds of Indonesia. 

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Interweaving field recordings with atmospheric effects, electronic music, vocals, string and piano instrumentation, and experimental techniques of musical composition using recorded sounds as raw material, Message from a Medicine Man, looks to be a intriguing deconstruction of a large and diverse country rich in tradition and sonic tapestry.

Featuring key artistic contributions from Indonesian rap pioneer Marzuki Mohamad (aka Kill the DJ from Jogja Hip Hop Foundation), keroncong singer Endah Laras, voices from the late Indonesian puppet master Slamet Gundono, and Singapore's very own music, theater and performance wizard Rizman Putra (of NADA and Tiramisu), Morinaga's ambitious productions definitely looks to be in fine, knowledgeable hands.

Taking place at the Esplanade Recital Studio as part of their Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts programming, Message from a Medicine Man happens on 5th August at the Recital Studio. For further details and ticketing information please click here. In the meantime, you can view the trailer for this fascinating production below.