MIRROR talk supporting each other and releasing their first English single 'Rumours'

MIRROR talk supporting each other and releasing their first English single 'Rumours'

It's a new beginning for MIRROR

After a difficult year, the Cantonese pop group are focused on starting anew, fronted by the release of their latest single 'Rumours'. Beyond it being their first-ever English track, the song showcases a new side to the boy group, one that's alluring and bold. 

"We want to show the world the possibilities of a boy band from Hong Kong. Our goal is to bring Cantopop to the world," says MIRROR, in an interview with Bandwagon

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As they usher in a new era, Bandwagon sat down with MIRROR to talk about supporting each other, celebrating five years as a group, performing in English for the first time, and what's coming next. 

You’re about to release your first-ever English single, ‘Rumours’. Could you tell us more about the song and the meaning behind it?

'RUMOURS' is a very direct song about trying to get the girl you like, and the rumours that may occur during this flirtatious stage. It is a very special project for us because we get to explore and show the sexy side of us as a boy band.

What was it like working on an English song for the first time? How did your creative process differ when working on ‘Rumours’ compared to your previous songs?

We worked with our vocal coach Andrew Choi quite closely on this song. We all had separate sessions with him to really take the time and convey the lyricism required for the English language. It is a very fun and catchy song, so we leaned into it and just came together as a group.

What motivated the decision to release an English song?

We want to show the world the possibilities of a boy band from Hong Kong. Through this English single, we hope that fans can notice us and listen to our other songs as well. We also hope that fans from all over the world can get to know the places in Hong Kong through our music video. Our goal is to bring Cantopop to the world.

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This year, you’ll be celebrating five years together as a group. Since your debut, how do you feel you guys have grown as artists and as friends?

We have definitely become stronger as a team. We each have different solo projects that allowed us to grow, whether it’s in music, dance, acting, or sports, we all enjoyed strengthening our different qualities. Now when we come back together, we can contribute to the group with what we learnt.

The last year has presented some challenges, how have you guys been dealing with everything? How have you guys been supporting each other?

Just by being together again, we are more motivated. We are becoming better advocates for performers and being aware and consistently checking in with not just ourselves but our crew members as well. We are also very thankful to our fans who are by our side and keep us inspired. 

What’s the best part of being in MIRROR?

It’s a privilege to be in this boy band with 12 members. We feed off each other in a very special way.

Who are some of the artists, both in and out of Hong Kong, that you guys have been loving lately?

We really love Michael Jackson, he’s a big inspiration to us.

What else can we expect from you in 2023?

There will definitely be new music coming from us! We also hope to be able to meet our fans from around the world in person! 

Listen to MIRROR's 'Rumours' here.