Moog and Korg offer free synthesizer apps for musicians in lockdown

Moog and Korg offer free synthesizer apps for musicians in lockdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic drives communities into lockdown and self-quarantine, Moog and Korg have made certain apps free for download for everyone cooped up at home. 

Moog's Minimoog Model D Synthesizer is available exclusively on IOS and originally cost $4.99 to download. A mobile transmutation of the world’s first portable synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D, it offers functions like the capacity to play chords with up to four-note polyphony, a looping recorder with unlimited overdubbing capacity. It also supports AUv3 Audio Unit extensions, which allows it to be used simultaneously within compatible iOS apps like Apple’s GarageBand. 

"A gift to spread positivity, creativity, and expressivity. A moment to slow down, appreciate our innate strength, and experience the uplifting power of sound (...) As we find ourselves in unfamiliar settings: stay open, stay safe, and #synthesizelove," Moog writes in their post. 

You can download it here

Korg's iKaossilator App will be available for free download on both IOS and Android. The app uses the unique X-Y interface, which allows users to create melodies and phrases simply by touching the touch screen. Its 150 built-in sounds allow for a range of dance music styles including hip-hop, electro, and more, and its built-in loop sequencer lets users layer up to five musical parts. 

You can download it here. This offer will end on 20 March for Android and 31 March for IOS.