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Morrissey tribute concert set in Jakarta

Morrissey tribute concert set in Jakarta

The last time you heard about The Smiths was when Thom Yorke sang a line from “How Soon Is Now?” days ago over at the Austin City Limits. For a band who will probably greet death before their fans on stage, The Smiths have always been around—on your iPod, on your sickbeds, wherever.

In Indonesia, concert promoter kiosPLAY has prepped a tribute for The Smiths, happening on October 7—5 days before Morrissey himself plays a show. Held at Locanda Food Voyager Panin Plaza, Jakarta, “How Soon Is Now” – An Official Pre-Event of Morrissey Live in Jakarta 2016: Songs that make you smile and saved your life, a tribute to THE SMITHS X MORRISSEY (or the concert, as typing this can wear a guy out) will bring in indie pop bands like The Gerrymandering, Marsh Kids, Twiterella and the respected Pure Saturday.

Nothing screams a warm up more than listening to bands who are paying their ode to one of the many reasons why they’re around.

Listen to The Smiths' 'Cemetery Gates' below: