Mosaic Music Festival 2013 Special: Love/Comes


We love our shoegaze and we're pretty glad the folks of Mosaic are bringing them in to perform here. Loaded with hooks, almost every song bearing an unforgettable chorus, and awesome melodies all around, Love/Comes should be one of your gig picks for the Mosaic free shows circuit. We managed to catch up with them ahead of their show net week.


Hi Love/Comes, welcome back to Singapore! For our followers who might be unfamiliar with the band, introduce yourselves.

Quintet coming from Kuching Sarawak, we played Esplanade last year. We’re excited to play in Singapore again. 

How long have you been playing together, and how did Love/Comes came to be?

We started somewhere in early 2007, from the usual fun of playing together, and of course the love of music (regardless of genre). From there on, slowly playing gigs in our hometown Kuching. Up until now really.

We saw Love/Comes for the first time at Urbanscapes and were real impressed, what have you been up to since then?

Thanks, we are currently in the studio recording new material. Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of this year.

It’s quite refreshing to get a shoegaze/noise pop band from SEA, what made you decide on this sound? 

There are actually plenty of really good shoegaze or noise pop bands around SEA mostly Indonesia and Philippines, if you really look closer under the radar. We never really decided on how we should sound, I guess it was because we just love dreamy and fuzzy guitars. That’s all really.   

What do you listen to? Were there any musical touchstones in influencing Love/Comes?

We listen to a lot of stuff, not just shoegaze. The influences are obviously shown in our music, nothing to hide. 

Compared to the other songs, ‘Reservoir Boys’ is definitely more mellow and sentimental, tell us more about it.

Yeah, all of us in the band love that one too, it’s about being in love with someone... and you kept that feeling for as long as you live without telling the other person.

Have there been any particularly memorable high points for you as a band over the past few years?

We’re playing in this packed club in Kuching early last year, the energy from the crowd was amazing. Home is where the heart is so they say.  

How are you preparing for your show in Singapore? 

We’ve been practicing as usual, apart from recording.

Love/Comes sounds like: That’s up to the people to decide.

The best audience is: Everyone regardless of gender, age nor background.

Love/Comes plays 14 March at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 7pm & 9pm.