Music streaming website PureVolume is shutting down

Music streaming website PureVolume is shutting down

Before Spotify and Bandcamp, there was MySpace and PureVolume – and now the latter has announced it is shutting down by the end of the month.

Users who access the music streaming platform get pop-up notification telling users to download music stored on their accounts before 30 April. 

PureVolume was founded in 2003 by Brett Woitunski, Mitchell Pavao and Nathan Hudson with the objective of allowing people to discover new music and download tunes for free.

International artists that got their first shot to fame through the site included Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Lady Gaga, whose page is still up under her real name Stefani, where you can find her 2006 album Wunderland and EP Red and Blue

Plenty of Singaporean artists also used the platform to get their music out, and a search for artists with Singapore locations is a true #TBT – on the list are Inch Chua, CaracalSurreal, Plainsunset, West Grand Boulevard and many more.

Take some time to browse PureVolume today and bid your last goodbyes to yet another 2000s Internet gem we will fondly remember.