Musicians Guild of Singapore spearheads new Songwriters' Forum with esteemed panel

Musicians Guild of Singapore spearheads new Songwriters' Forum with esteemed panel

The Musicians Guild of Singapore will begin the brand new year with a first of its’ kind, a songwriters’ forum entitled SONGWRITING IN SINGAPORE – IDEAS & INSPIRATION.

Since its launch in April 2015, the Guild has been steadily building on a suite of events and activities for its members. In keeping with the Guild’s declared mission and objectives to cater to the career, livelihood and professional development needs of musicians, the Guild has to date conducted talks on financial planning, intellectual property for musicians and a sharing session by international pop sensation Stefanie Sun Yanzi

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The upcoming songwriters’ forum boasts of a stellar line-up of songwriters, both veterans and growing talents. The featured speakers are Dick Lee, Art Fazil, Mohamed Raffee, Jimmy Ye, Ruth Ling, Dru Chen and Inch Chua. The speakers will share their insights and strategies in songwriting within the realm of pop music across different languages and cultures.

The composition of the panel of speakers is varied and cross-cultural, underscoring the Guild’s core objectives to reach out to all musicians regardless of genre and specialty. All speakers offer their expertise in line with the community spirit of the Guild for musicians to "band together and support one another and build a stronger music industry".

Admission to the forum is strictly for musicians whether they are full-timers, part-timers or students. Members can attend for free, while there is a minimal fee of $20 for non-members and $10 for student non-members.

Registration for the event is available on Eventbrite, and on the Guild’s website and Facebook page.